Tips When Collecting Beer Coasters

Stage 1: Preserving Bar Coasters was Greg’s Idea

We had these napkins from our special night. Greg has saved them such a long time. It was really his plan to save them. They are simply customary cardboard bar napkins.

Stage 2: How To Seal Paper Coasters

Since the bar liners are a cardboard-type or paper sort of material, I needed to seal them. I utilized Mod Podge on the two sides and on the edges. I completed two coats and I ensured it was totally dry, prior to continuing on.

Try not to hold back on this progression! In the event that you feel much improved completing three coats, complete three coats. Ensure all of it is fixed.

For what reason is this so significant? It’s significant since, in such a case that left unprotected, the pitch will douse into the cardboard liner and it will make splotches that don’t look that extraordinary.

Stage 3: Protect A Side of The Bar Coasters

When dry, I utilized Press and Seal wrap and ensured it was adhered all around well aside of the fixed liners. Then, at that point, I managed around them.

You can utilize painters tape on the off chance that you would prefer.

Stage 4: Mix and Pour The Resin Over the Paper Coasters

This is the place where we begin to protect the bar napkins. I blended the sap and poured it on the napkins. I had them raised up on cups, so any overabundance sap would trickle off.

Stage 5: Move The Resin Around

I utilized my mix stick to spread the gum on the napkin.

Stage 6: Pop the Bubbles

I utilized my lighter to pop the air pockets in the sap. Be cautious and move the lighter and fire around quick, so you don’t set the liners ablaze!!!

Keep in mind, these are cardboard or paper liners. Those materials are exceptionally combustible. Setting them ablaze will cause a disheartening result

Allow them to fix at least 12 hours.

Stage 7: Remove the Wrap

Once relieved, you can eliminate the wrap and rehash on the opposite side.

Likewise, a little FYI, the wrap might leave a little buildup. Assuming that occurs, you can utilize a moist disposable cloth to tidy it up. That is all there is to it! It’s an extraordinary method for safeguarding keepsakes or recollections!

How about a toast after a tiring concrete construction or home renovation? A cold beer and a beautiful beer coaster will make up your day.